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  • Unspoken

    Film, Graphic Design

    Publicity: 42nd Asian American International Film Festival, Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Very Cool Studio

    ‘Unspoken’ follows six queer and trans Asian Americans as they grapple with their identity and consider what family acceptance might look like. In this short film directed by Patrick G. Lee, closeted and out people read aloud fictional and real coming out letters to their parents. Coming out is already complex, but being first generation with language and cultural barriers between you and your parents makes it all the more confusing and challenging. Embroidery suggests permanence. It's something we wear and identify with. Even when taken apart my a seam ripper, it still leaves its scars in the fabric. Embroidery has international cultural significance particularly in historical East Asian culture where embroidered illustrations filled room dividers. These ideas led to the direction of the opening title animation. Each frame was hand-embroidered. For the flyers, I wanted each of them to focus on each person in the film like a portrait.

    Film Director: Patrick G. Lee

    July 2019

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