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  • October 2020

    Stickers and Instagram carousel for Dickies social campaign.

    April 2022

    Video editing and motion for Seed PDS-08 for Kids and Teens published on their website. Storyboard by Calvin Chin, CD Yuji Sakuma

    March 2023

    Storyboard, video editing, and motion for Seed's SXSW 2023 panel. Script by Travis Spier.


    Selects for entertainment social (IMDBtv, STARZPLAY, etc).

    June 2020

    Stickers for The Old Guard Netflix original movie social campaign.

    July 2023

    ZTX landing page icons

    August 2023

    Design and art direction for ZTX Access Pass. Render by Dmitry Prushak.

    March 2021

    Selects from social posts for Sundae School.

    May 2021

    NFL Sunday Ticket

    January 2018

    Motion work for 3D Teaching UI (PowerPoint, Excel, Word). Versions for Windows on normal and high contrast displays.

    June 2015

    Google Play: Games - What's Next, internship side project — Live