Experiential, Branding, Social Content

Los Angeles based artist Ginger Q creates innovative works made of neon, steel, acrylic, and other sculptural elements to form unconventional pieces that challenge assumptions.

Think Tank Gallery proudly presents her latest collection, ANTIBODIES, an experiential exhibition that reclaims "classics" and challenges societal homogeneity. Playing on the concept of antibodies, the immune system's response to toxins, the sculptures illustrate a defense movement that reimagine our navigation of modern structures.

The collection focuses on deconstructing a heavily imposed trope of uniformity, emphasizing the urgency of inclusion. This is where dynamic forms deplatform the status quo.

Artist, Creative Director — Ginger Q
Graphic Design, Art Direction — Daniel Hyo Kim
Models — Jazzy Mercedes, Pablo, Lainey, Luis Zepeda, Ian
Printing/Production — IM Creations
Photographers — Anayancy Gonzalez, Willie, Phil America
Video Music — Jamsus Hair — Effraine Cortez
Videographer — Scott Siracusano
Color — Jacqueline Miller
Writing — Itxy Quintanilla

March 2019