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  • LISTOS Disaster Awareness

    Art Direction, Design, Production

    The fabrics and belief systems in our lives are armor, especially for immigrants. Over LA's quarantine, Listos California, a nonproft funded by CA Governor Newsom, reached out for a Disaster Awareness Campaign that targeted the different immigrant demographics in CA. Drawing from a palette of Korean quilt art called pojagi, life vests, and a classic Korean gambling game called Go-Stop, the work pursues themes of faith, scripture, and survival. I sewed orange neoprene and foam, vinyl cut, and heat pressed in light-reflective safety vinyl a Korean poem about alertness and resilience and took material and color inspiration from life vests. The sewed illustrations were inspired by the illustrations on Go-Stop cards, and the overall layout was designed to emulate the symmetry and hierarchical architecture depicted in religious imagery.

    Production Assistance: Ginger Q
    Photoshoot Assistance: Ginger Q, Jacqueline Miller, Itxy Quintanilla

    September 2020

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