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  • Festival Mode

    Brand Identity and Design

    In order to have a brand identity versatile enough to hold every genre of music, we landed on a collage design direction to encompass Festival Mode, a feature released in 2022 on Tinder where you can match with people going to the same festival as you prior to the event. We were nspired by the eclectic nature of a music festival and how different stages often create little pockets of themed experiences. The end result is something loud, colorful, and bold. Whether it's an email or banner, or a modal or mural, we created a design system that could appropriately turn the volume up or down.

    Designers: Vahagn Azaryan, Daniel Hyo Kim
    Copywriter: Kaelyn Lark
    PM: Tim Hogan
    Motion Design: Emmy Buckman
    Styleframes: Daniel Hyo Kim
    Creative Director: Steven Pham

    March 2022

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