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  • Don't do Tinder.

    Creative Direction, Design, Pitch, Strategy

    Dating apps are overwhelming and exhausting. The expectation of having a genuine conversation with multiple people you've never met, the immediacy of it all is a lot of unrealistic pressure. In an effort to attract a younger demographic, a campaign that matches the attitude and cultural values of the times is necessary. 'Don't do Tinder.' was born out of an effort to remind people that Tinder is just a dating app. It's not that deep.

    In this direction, we're building a stylistic world that adopts the over-the-top nature of throwback PSA campaigns to take on Tinder dating stigmas. The Tinder Swindler movie utilizes a pre-internet Stranger Danger adage: You may have access to a private plane but you also have access to scammers too. The good comes with the bad, that's just a universal concept.

    So this campaign asks: if you're giving into fear mongering about things that are outside of your control, are you really living?

    This billboard illustrates that idea via the vehicle of intimacy, experimentation, and self discovery. The image implies that there are three people on the bed. I think if we capture and execute the right tone of humor and create images that allow viewers to fill in the rest of the story, we can establish a stronger brand presence for our gen z audience.

    So if good comes with the bad, we might as well focus on the good.

    Side effects of Tinder include: confidence boost, new friendships, deep conversations stepping outside of your comfort zone experiencing real life, and maybe a hookup or two. Download at your own risk.

    The photography illustrates a variety of the scenarios mentioned as side effects of Tinder, with a campy edge.

    Our text-only approach. At the risk of overexplaining: 'oomf' means 'one of my followers' and is usually intended to imply a crush. This series of three graphics points to past (oomf), present (dog), and future (credit score). We allow the viewers to put the pieces together.

    Expanding on this world, we would put up lighthearted campaign copy in the style of testimonials around the nation as wild postings. The testimonials take center stage in these designs, and the tagline becomes a whisper.

    We turn the 'This is your brain on drugs' campaign into a story about love and new experiences through the process of making breakfast. The viewer is pulled into a scenario: two eggs, a couple. Three eggs, sizzling: a throuple. End product? ****Enrichment.****

    College campuses in 2023 are a very different place with lots to do and lots of distractions. For us to hold events targeted at college students, we need to do something a little unexpected. Utilizing 'Street Preachers', in this case hired actors as 'Tinder Advocates', we co-opt their guerilla, often fear-based or passive aggressive approach to spreading the word of the gospel.

    Breadcrumbing is when someone gives you mixed signals and leads you on. In this case, breadcrumbing is a trail of small, breadcrumb-sized Don't Do Tinder stickers that leads to a party.

    Nationwide, we'll throw a party called 'Don't Come. A Party by Tinder' in abandoned churches. We’ll partner with Liquid Death as a way to play up the stigma of "thirsty" users. It also helps that they're a very successful brand riding on the rise of sobriety with gen z and zillenials.

    Abandoned churches are everywhere. Throwing a party at one might feel sacrilegious but that's what we're going for. In reality, people have weddings and throw parties at churches all of the time. It's not that crazy of an idea, but it works because a church encompasses such a potluck of emotions: shame, guilt, love, fear, etc. and was the main source of community and enrichment for the majority of Americans in a time past.

    Our OOHs include a call-out to www.ThinkB4YouSwipe.com, a reference to ThinkB4YouHate.com made famous by Hillary Duff. The microsite will host the entire campaign: all of the confessionals, offer a free boost code, and offer safe sex education. The CTA is to download the app at your own risk.

    Kith has a loyal following for their exclusive capsule collections that is intended to "build community through collaboration". These exclusive drops are intended for younger consumers, mainly Gen Z, and an alternative way to introduce Tinder to this audience.

    This is an inherently social campaign that will spark organic conversation. Instagram is already very familiar with the PSA vehicle. The content we created can be reused into snackable social. All channels will drive to the microsite to drive engagement. We'll also work with influencers and celebrities that align with the tone to create PSA spoofs.

    Originated the strategy for this campaign pitch and was responsible for execution of its critical elements. Photography sourced online for the sake of pitching/concept.
    Copywriting: Kaelyn Lark, Daniel Hyo Kim
    PM: Tim Hogan
    Video Editing and Motion: Emmy Buckman
    Support: Steven Pham, Vahagn Azaryan, Darcy Nathanson

    September 2022

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