Hi, I'm Dan, a designer that likes to do a little bit of everything, learn new things, and make things move, especially for a cause.

Lately I've been binging Las Culturistas' "I Don't Think So, Honey!" segments, 3D for Designers, and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix.

Copyright 2018 Daniel Hyo Kim
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April 2019

A style-frame for a winning pitch while freelancing at Buck.

September 2018

Um, Actually, ________. Pithy clapbacks at ignorant restaurant reviews.

September 2018

"______ By an Immigrant" sticker sketches

January 2018

Motion work for 3D Teaching UI (PowerPoint, Excel, Word). Versions for Windows on normal and high contrast displays.

November 2015

Bowels of Humanity pop-up gallery of sourced and fished-for bathroom graffiti etched into ceramic tiles.

June 2015

Google Play: Games - What's Next, internship side project — Live

May 2018

What your missing pixel is doing...

December 2017

Holiday Card 2017

August 2017

Anxious Texter

June 2017


July 2017

A quick redesign of Andy Stott's album Faith in Strangers. Wanted to highlight through type and material the album's moments of alienation through heavily processed imagery. The texture for the disc was made out of screenshots collected of the blur effect applied to loading images on Medium articles and masked into outlines of egg shells.

December 2015

Zen rock, carved from limestone

February 2015

Environmental Charter School Pittsburgh client: website, print, motion, and booth experiences, designed with Stephanie Jeong

December 2015

Mind the Matter art direction sketch

November 2015

Made up instrument, hooks up to Cycling Max MSP with a pico mic

December 2015

Vapor Blaze: Schronic Sounds gallery showing in Pittsburgh

September 2015

A countdown using opera soundbytes paired with hypnotic imagery of sweets.

February 2015

Lunar Gala Fashion Show: Vestige, website

May 2014

Admit One, Asian American experience