Hi, I'm Dan, a designer that likes to do a little bit of everything, learn new things, and make things move, especially for a cause.

Lately I've been binging Las Culturistas' "I Don't Think So, Honey!" segments, 3D for Designers, and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix.

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Website, Booths, Event identity, Motion, Merch

Illustration, strategy, web design by Steph & Dan
Animations, prints, mockups, floor plan by Dan
Copy, website transitions by Steph
Client: ECS

Tasked with imagining a strategy to inspire more funding through the Board of Education for the Environmental Charter School in Pittsburgh (ECS). This can only happen through the support of the community, so the project focused on changing the negative perception surrounding a nontraditional style of education. Steph Jeong and I presented a plan intended to provide locals an opportunity to demystify the experimental program and imprint their support.

Each booth location has its own set of illustrations, where there are relevant activities for children and parents can have access to ECS employees and volunteers.

Activities on-site parallel ECS's hands-on philosophy of learning and are based off of location, for example a booth at Carnegie Library would have a bookmark-making activity, or children at Point State Park will be challenged to depict the future with clay.

The website becomes a accessible convergence point of all of these experiences where the assets come together and illustrate an active education.

Spring 2015

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