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  • February 2023

    Flyer and wordmark for Ginger Q's solo art show.

    November 2022

    Internal Tinder Studio team (sadly no longer exists) branding and identity explorations.

    December 2022

    Internal holiday graphics from the Tinder Studio team.

    January 2021

    Selects from a photo series commemorating the end of 2020. Collab w/ Ginger Q.

    July 2021

    Tramp stamp logotype design for jewelry brand Spit Snot by Princess Gollum.

    November 2020

    Lettering exploration based off of plants in Joshua Tree.

    January 2020

    Logotype for a 2020 party that never happened.

    January 2021

    Selects for entertainment social.

    December 2019

    Brand explorations for Snap Inc.

    December 2018

    Originally made for portfolio thumbnail.

    May 2016

    Identity for the senior design show at Carnegie Mellon University School of Design Class of 2016 with Gene Hua.

    January 2018

    Motion work for 3D Teaching UI (PowerPoint, Excel, Word). Versions for Windows on normal and high contrast displays.

    June 2015

    Google Play: Games - What's Next, internship side project — Live

    May 2018

    What your missing pixel is doing...

    December 2017

    Holiday Card 2017

    August 2017

    Anxious Texter

    December 2015

    Zen rock, carved from limestone

    February 2015

    Environmental Charter School Pittsburgh client: website, print, motion, and booth experiences, designed with Stephanie Jeong

    November 2015

    Made up instrument, hooks up to Cycling Max MSP with a pico mic

    February 2015

    Lunar Gala Fashion Show: Vestige, website