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A selection of works from my time at Microsoft. These entail larger bodies of text and further context so I'm happy to go over everything that went into the work in person and show some more projects.

Motion work for 3D Teaching UI (PowerPoint, Excel, Word). Versions for Windows on normal and high contrast displays.

January 2018

Translating Win32 features to macOS. The feature shown is QuickStarter, a guided experience in PowerPoint that extracts existing data off the internet, namely Wikipedia and Bing, and turns it into a deck outline with pulled content like images and quotes depending on your subject.

November 2017

Consolidated all of the views in PowerPoint where one can ink on the canvas and compared icons, interactions, copy, and visuals where many were inconsistent as a result of all of these having been made by different teams. Created a consistent system for every view that spans across Office.

December 2017

In designing an upsell experience in PowerPoint web, it was important for it to not feel like an advertisement. The upsell designs were kept within the framework of the pane as though it was a special thumbnail, and we tested specifically for whether users knew about the feature, understood that it was part of a breadth of intelligent services, and whether the interface communicated its message. After initial shipping, the strategy and design changed from a limit of 5 blueprints, to a time-limit.

April—October 2017

'Blueprints' are what we call the templates that get pulled into the Design Ideas pane. These were created with the intent to move away from the drama of themes and offer aesthetically familiar, consumable, and easy-to-implement slide layouts that ultimately add variety to a deck. Seemingly straightforward, making one deals with all of the different color and display settings someone might input.

February 2017

September 2016–present

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