Hi, I'm Dan, a designer that likes to do a little bit of everything, learn new things, and make things move, especially for a cause.

Lately I've been binging Las Culturistas' "I Don't Think So, Honey!" segments, 3D for Designers, and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix.

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Steph Jeong, Joshua Eiten, and I put together a space online to hold audio recordings (ourselves edited out and granted permission) with residents of the Hill in Pittsburgh. The project's content was ultimately shaped by the people we interviewed, who when given the chance to speak through a microphone and imagine a broader platform and audience, chose to tell stories about the neighborhood, their artistic endeavors, the things they've learned, and the things they aspire to be.

The website also exists to promote their endeavors, which are linked in herethehill.com

The Hill in Pittsburgh has gone through waves and generations of immigrants coming through and has a history of significance like August Wilson who wrote "Fences" set in the area, a vibrant jazz scene where "making it" in the Hill meant playing in New York City, and the implementation of the first ambulance system with medical support in-vehicle.

To many in Pittsburgh who don't live in the Hill, the music is a thing of the past, with most of the business and residents being replaced by construction that never finished, and a football stadium that never flourished. This has led to efforts for revival going unnoticed, and very little support from local Pittsburgh.

May 2016

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